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STARSHIP TROOPERS: INVASION marks the return of the franchise. The fans will be treated with tons of cool stuff including very interesting iOS / Android game developed by Spectre Media. Arkadiusz Grzegorzak talks with Lance Martin, the Producer for Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry" game. 

The basic question: Are you a fan of Starship Troopers films?
Yes definitely, I think you would have to be if you devoted as much time and effort as we are devoting to making this game. As a kid, I read some of the novel by Robert A. Heinlein, but only recently finished it. I would say the movie from 1997 by Paul Verhoeven was more of a major inspiration for me. I was already a rabid sci-fi junkie at the time and I loved the way the film portrayed Heinlein's story in a more satirical way. Having been a fan for so long of James Cameron's Aliens saga, I thought the Starship Troopers movie was a refreshing approach to the space marine aspect we had so grown to love so much. I was already a huge fan of Verhoeven's work on Total Recall and Robocop, and Starship Troopers is definitely one of those movies that you love coming back to years later. Even though I was too young at the time to be watching R rated movies, those films were already a big part of my life and maybe what helped define me as the creative person and huge sci-fi fan I am today.
What do you want to accomplish in your Starship Troopers Invasion game?
I want to make sure this game is approachable by all audiences, not just die-hard SST fans, but fans of the genre in general. It is definitely going to reach out to those people who love playing arcade shooters, but also to those who love a good story and strong franchise like SST.

How close is the game to the Starship Troopers: Invasion?
The game takes place literally days prior to when Invasion's story opens. It is a prequel to what goes on in the new movie but it also ties in some elements and clues from the movie you wouldn't get unless you played the game and watched the movie as well.
Do you play in the game one of the characters from the Starship Troopers Invasion, or just one of many Troopers?
You are a basic Mobile Infantry Marine sent on a mission by Henry Varro from the film.

What will be the goal of the game?
We are still tweaking the game design but really just to kill as many bugs as possible in as little time as possible without getting killed, and maybe grab some upgrades and achievements along the way.We are working on the ins and outs along with multiple mechanics in the game, but it's going to be about stamina and agility. The best way I could describe how you win is basically DON'T DIE!
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