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"I Like My Bugs Fried in the Morning".




CÉCILE BRECCIA is a beautiful and talented French actress who has been a successful model and has been in commercials since a young age. She has starred in many genres showing her range of acting is very impressive. It's rare to see beauty and talent go so well together but Cécile has both. She starred as 'Rosalie Berdet' in the French TV show La Crim' and Caroline In David Nolande. Everybody remembers her famous scene in The Hills Have Eyes 2. CÉCILE BRECCIA stars as Lieutenant Link Manion in Starship Troopers 3: Marauder....


Could you tell me me about your first meeting with director Edward Neumeier?

The first time I met Ed was at the production office with David Lancaster. I had arrived from Paris 2 days earlier, everything was going so fast. They were really friendly. Ed asked me many questions about my jobs and my expectations...he explained to me Link Manion’s character and asked me to come back for the audition. This first contact was really nice and I was very enthusiastic about the project.




Please describe your character...

Link Manion is a young lieutenant who directly works with John Rico. She’s an intelligent, hard working, trustworthy person, an expert in rifles, she is instinctive and has the right reflexes in every situation; her only weakness is... Sky Marshall!


How hard was it for you – obviously a very beautiful delicate woman - to play a tough, no-nonsense, weapon expert from the MI's elite platoon?

I had never held such a weapon in my hands before and I never thought we were going to use real ones! The weapons specialist explained everything to me and Casper helped me a lot too!!! Then It was really fun!


What was a day on the set like?

I stayed in South Africa for a month and worked more or less for half of the time. As usual, I started every day with training a little (jogging or yoga) and then, on the set, I went straight to the make up artist and dressing for the preparations. Then rehearsals with Ed and the other actors and... action!!!


Manion takes a part in the BIG battle in this movie. How was it for you playing against all those CGI?

It was exciting and pretty weird at the same time... Exciting because I was leading troopers and giving them orders and at the same time, it was impressive cause all the bunker, the rifles shots and the explosions were more than real. I felt like we wer really at war! I remember the sensation I had after one battle day, going out to the fresh air : I realized how lucky we really are to be able to escape from the hell because it’s not the reality for all the soldiers on this planet!




What can you tell us about working with Casper Van Dien?
Only wonderful things ! Kind, carring and considerate person. He’s really professional too and he helped me a lot with technical things about weapons, the army… things I was not used to ! ...We had a really good and healthy relationship even though he made jokes all the time about my accent.  


Are you "in" that nude scene when  Troopers go to The Scanning Chamber before the final battle? Any funny memories?  
OF COURSE !!! I wouldn’t miss it for anything! If there is a naked scene in a movie for sure I’m in! (laugh!!). I was surprised 'cause no one was embarrassed and the scene worked well! It was our last shooting day and we were in a good mood!  Any fun memories? Sorry, I can’t tell you, some of the marauders would kill me!!! 




Viewers from the US know you from "Hills Have Eyes 2", but many Europeans (me included) had a pleasure to see you also in an interesting French movie "President". What’s the biggest difference working on European and American production?  
There are two different worlds. Nothing is left to chance in american productions even while the actor has great freedom. It's a wonderful experience and I’m really proud taking part in this adventure ! But for sure I still love working on both sides of the ocean! 


What’s your favorite line from the  "Starship Troopers 3: Marauder"?
I like my bugs fried in the morning.



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