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Marauder Armored Bipedal is the finest The United Citizen Federation Vehicle. The latest in Mobile Infantry Power Armor features fully dense boron carbide plate armor and replaceable arm mounts for 15.6 mm 5-barrel "Morita Cross" Heavy Machine Gun, 15.5 mm M64B Vulcan III Rotary Canon, 155 mm M779 Ultra-Lightweight Auto Howitzer, 41 mm Mk .32 mod.5 Grenade Machine Gun, M2A5-2 Flamethrower, and two 40.4 mm “Trip Hammer” Smoothbore Cannons. Also featuring the RR FX-230 Fission Drive, the M11 Marauder can achieve rate of 12.87 km/h speed walking and 70.04 km/h running over an operational range of 1,026.26 km.